Death of Democracy!


They blinded me
so that
I cannot see
brutally murdered democracy

They made me deaf
so that
I cannot hear
the voices of dissent

They cut my tongue
so that
I cannot speak
against them


I still
the dead democracy

I still
the shrieks of protest

I still
cried aloud
at them…



And the city was shaken again
with the series of blasts
same in the future as in the past
I was aghast with my own reaction
me, a complacent, without any action?
There was no anger, no frustration
no desire for any demonstration
no grudges, no fears
no sorrow, no tears
got bored of repeated news
I changed the channel without any views!!!

It’s Palestine !!!


I had a dream last night

I saw ruins
of once inhabited spaces.

they told me their stories…

I saw deserted roads
and bulleted houses

they made me hear their noises…

I saw blood splattered roads
and barbed wires

they shouted, howled and cried…

I saw men
as red-holed corpses

they refused to leave their holyland..

I saw women
thumping their chests over white-clothed bodies

they didn’t let the body go…

I saw young
being beaten by green-uniformed men

they hated all love stories…

I saw children
with tear-less eyes and faked smiles

they didn’t laugh even on Humpty-Dumpty…

I woke up
with sweated body and fast beating heart

I shared it with ‘P’
he laughed and said,

“It’s a dream and yet, not a dream



It’s you, its you, who I dread
Love is a path, difficult to tread
You wretch! You wretch!
what did you fetch?
Drenching me in this love
by calling me dove
Was that not enough for you???
why did you colour me through?
colour me, colour me in this love
by calling me, calling me dove…

Gone are those days…


Gone are those days
when sun used to rise
with you being nice.

Gone are those poetry sessions
when we shared our expressions.

Gone are those kisses
when I acted like Mrs.

Now its time to be mechanical
to be materialist and economical.

Time to come home late
with new excuses to create.

life to be seen as new goal
dreams, desires in a new role.

Achieve! Achieve! or get sold
run with the rats and get gold.

Relations, family gone for a toss
hail the new era & love your boss!

Confessions of a bride-to-be…


And my heart swelled and swelled
with joy and excitement
for the coming carnival
and impending disaster
for the mad madness
and hushing hushness
for the embarrassing ceremonies
and pepsodent smiles
for the grand procession
and teary farewell…



And the god struck again

In the form of a quake

When everyone was awake

In the guise of tsunami

While I had a salami

In the mask of radiation

Setting the ground for cremation

People cried and howled

While the god played and fouled

But Japan is Japan

It is no poor Sudan

It will rise again

Beat god in its own game

The world wishes the same

To see the god’s head in shame.