knowledge is power

Ever thought why these words of Bacon hold so much importance? Bacon said it, Foucault paraphrased into such a fantastic essay about ‘power and knowledge’.  I read the essay and could actually understand the equations of the world which works on the principles of power and knowledge. Ever wondered why only western countries rule the world while Arabs, who are richest in the world, work like their allies. All Marx’s essays revolve around economy and money. His conclusion was that people rule because of the money. But is it really true? If this was true, then why only USA rules the world?. I think it is not the money, which drives the nation, it is knowledge. knowledge of technology, science, arts and commerce. USA invests billions of dollars in getting the best brains of the world to its country. Arabs, who have money do not even have proper colleges in which they can study. During the middle ages, Arabs ruled the large part of the world and were a kind of threat to the western domination. It was just because of their hunger for knowledge. They translated the best books available in other languages into Arabic and Persian, so that, their people could read it and contribute in the development of the nation with their evolved mind. The stagnation in the advancement of science and technology, pushed the Arabs far back in the field of development. They moved towards religion in a blind way and turned themselves into fanatic and fundamentalists. This was the start of their decay as a nation. Western nations, which too were at the brink of being pushed into the dark by their Popes, enlightened themselves with the knowledge. They questioned Christianity, there was resistance but they still questioned it back with more queries. Their stress on the knowledge made them the rulers while others who lacked it became the ruled. Atlast, today, the King of UAE has understood the role of the knowledge in the whole scenario of power and came out with a brilliant proposal, which i think in the future has the capability of turning the tide.  King Abdullah has invested billions of Dinars in constructing an educational institution of advanced studies, which would be at par with MIT, Oxford and Cambridge. An institution, which would allow both males and females to work in tandem with each other. The best of the brains would be imported and allowed to work in a free environment without any religious taboos. I think, this will definitely change the course of the history and will put the Arabs ahead of the other countries.     


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