Those smiling flowers, which do not

The following poem is a translation of Mahadevi Verma’s famous poem “veh muskate phool, nahi” done by me. Hope you all would  like it…

“Those smiling flowers,

Which do not know to wither;

Those lamps of stars,

Which do not like to extinguish.

Those lonely eyes,

Whose tears do not turn into pearls;

That bed of lives,

On which pain does not sleep senselessly.

Those clouds of the sky,

Which do not desire to dissolve;

That infinite spring,

Which does not see the sky to leave.

This is your world,

Which is without pain and dejection;

One who neither knows to burn,

Nor knows the taste of being erased!

Would we get the world of immortals,

as a gift of your compassion?

Leave it, oh god!

My right to be erased! “


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