A defence of poetry

I have always considered poetry to be a manifestation of an individual’s ideas and ideology. It reflects to what extent an imagination can be stretched. It defines, what an individual must be thinking at that particular moment, what must be going through his/her mind during the process of writing it. Poetry, like other literature are never written in isolation. This is the reason, why biography of an author is always important. Being a literature student, I know what all we need to study just to understand the true meaning of a particular verse or prose. Personal and historical background are the most important information, which we need to know about the author. Recently, one of my friends, whom i consider to be a great poet said something about the poetry which i didn’t agree on. He said that, one of his poems was written out of context. I was surprised to hear straight from his mouth, that he considered that piece of poetry just an example of an excellent usage of his vocabulary. He thinks a poetry can be written just by having a bombastic vocabulary and correct arragement of words. whatever he say, but i don’t think a piece of literature, that to poetry can ever be written in isolation. From the start of the civilization, the first words which were put on the sheet, were of verse. All our ancient texts are the earlier forms of poetry because a poetry can only be written with passion and compassion. A poetry is something, which goes straight to the heart. This is the reason, why poetry has always been put at a level in a literature which others can’t even touch. I consider poetry to be a tangible form of an intangible idea, imagination or reaction of an individual. I do not know whether my friend would agree with me or not, but I think that poetry is something which does not craves for a subjective view or opinion.       


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