…Year 2010, Commonwealth Games

…Year 2010, Commonwealth games, New Delhi, India. People in large numbers have come to watch the games from all around the world. Millions are watching them on television live. The camera zooms on to the streets and roads of Delhi…No slums, no beggars, no illegal constructions…The roads are lit with the thousand watts of lights…Sound of the new hip-hop song is coming from the nearby malls. Wherever your eyes take you, only lights can be seen…It seems, as if we have come to a different city  altogether.  A replication of London, New York or Washington… A feeling of deja vu for the tourists and loads of NRIs.

But, where are the real indians? Where are those children, who used to beg at each and every corner of the roads of Delhi, just a year back? Where have those slums vanished which littered the streets of the civil society? Where are those people, who have been the protagonists of the numerous novels of our literate society? Where are those faces, which represented the pathetic condition of India in the daily newspapers? Where are those grief-stricken faces, on whose pretext, India took millions of dollars of aid from the rich countries? Is it reality or a dream ? Is this real India?

…Year 2008, New Delhi, India, preparations are going pretty smooth for the forthcoming commonwealth games…All the government officials as well as the private companies are working hard to make money. Private companies by investing in government ventures while govt officials are making money by not sitting on these projects. Projects are being planned to show India at its best, that ‘India is shining’. All the slums are being demolished or burned with a ‘promise’, that they would be provided with an alternative accomodation at city’s border.

Slowly and steadily, children who used to beg and sell tiny items at the traffic signals are decreasing in number. Promptly called as ‘street children’, no body even acknowledges their absence. It seems they were never there. Time is drawing to a close for commonwealth games when the whole city would be turned into a ‘potemkin town’. The fictitious and the fake town would be displayed infront of the world at the cost of the poor and the marginalised. Officials are under tremendous pressure, they need to do something about these dirty faces of the city but they can’t work for free. So, what should they do for cleaning the city of this human grease and greasing their hands in the process? They can throw these children out of the city for the time being but there are two hitches in doing so. First, they could come back and second, they won’t be able to make money.

  So, can they sell these children to someone who is in need? These NGOs and activists call it “human trafficking” just to sound fashionable. They just can’t understand the symbiotic relation between the two interested groups who are getting the benefit. Let them shout and cry! The show must go on! These children, filth of the society, should be deported!

…Year 2010, Commonwealth games, New delhi, India. People in large numbers have come to watch the games from all around the world…


One thought on “…Year 2010, Commonwealth Games

  1. i agree to an extent but what we must also keep in mind in all this rigmarole and liberal hand-wringing is that we should never fall into the trap of romanticizing or glorifying poverty…the worst thing we can do…

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