Do I have anything to give you my love?

I don’t know, as I am still confused.

You always say that I am very indecisive,

And as always, I defend it.

But honey, you forget to mention,

That I am also very defensive,

Of deficiencies and voids in me,

Of my incompleteness.

But today, I am in a mood for a change,

I am in a mood to accept the truth,

To accept, that I am a confused person,

I can’t see things in black and white,

I see gray, a mixture of both.

But darling, even today,

I accept it on paper,

And not in front of you.

So, I will still confront my confused state,

I will still defend myself,

And charge you being too imaginary,

And my love, we will play this game

Throughout our lives.

Even when you won’t be able to speak

And I won’t be able to hear

And that is how, I see you and me together,

In the future

And see, I am not confused

Didn’t I tell you?



2 thoughts on “Confusion

  1. ok, reads like private moment to me. And, dare I intrude… but have to say this, you’ve written it so well 🙂

    much love

  2. ah well…such is fate then that we say what is most difficult via the third medium :)…
    but i understand that fully and remember that its the deficiency and our loving each other inspite of them that makes us uniquely human…

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