I am GOD!

Today, I am thinking

Of being God.

God of my own destiny,

Of my own dreams.

God of the time,

Which is slipping by.

God of the changes

happening around me.

God of my own future

and the constructed past

God of tangible and intangible

things in my life.

God of my emotions

And my memories.

So my dear God!

Don’t worry about me,

As now, I am GOD!




6 thoughts on “I am GOD!

  1. ummmmhhh… you are right to an extent about the centre thing but…for that ,i consider myself to be the centre, whenever i feel the need to look upon to something, i try to see inside me and that is from where i get the energy to survive..saying that atheism is a religion in itself, is a propaganda of the believers, who want to claim that you need to believe in something to go on…that you need something to hold on to..that you can’t be the rulers of your own life…and i think it’s the insecurities in us which force us to look for a centre…

  2. It’s the atheist in you, isnt it? I, for one, would never dare write anything like this.Its one thing to do as much as one can about/in life. To live as freely, honestly, deeply as one can, to work hard/not work hard. Whatever. But, I feel that beyond a point, there are strands of our lives that get lost in the realm unknown, that we can’t trace, have no control over. To say that I’m the god of my life/destiny, sounds too presumptuous to me, an attempt to claim for ourselves, us humans, a power that I don’t think we can ever have.

    ps: some say, atheism can also be a religion. And that humanism is all about replacing god with man-as-god. There has to be a centre to give meaning to our lives, a centre that we can blame for our troubles, and worship for our joys. think about it.

    pps: its just a perspective, after all.

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