L- 18 Batla House

The recent encounter which went at batla house in Delhi raises suspicions about the authenticity of the project. The secluded manner in which the killings took place force us to raise our eyebrows. Police said that two of the alleged millitants ran away, that to, in the presence of 200 police constables. Further, the building from which they ran had only one exit. No body not even media was shown the room in which all the suspected terrorists lived. No body was shown the bodies of the killed alleged millitants.

The most important thing which is making me more sceptic about the whole scenario is the timing of the encounter. Central and State Government, which were being criticized for being soft on terror as well as for the recent spate of terror attacks in the different A1 cities of India, suddenly, seems to have solved each and every piece of the puzzle. They claim to have nabbed 90% of the Indian Mujahideen (suspiciously all hailing from Azamgarh) and have decoded the undecodeable codes.

But do we really trust them in this Indian world of vote bank politics? With the Delhi legislative elections being just 2 months away and Lok Sabha elections next year these rapid chain of events are capable of making anyone sceptical. Shivraj Patil, whose face has become synonymous with the blasts ( as he comes out only to condemn blasts and give a repeated, rehearsed statement) was drawing all the flak from the media as well as the common public. Government was being criticized from all quarters and the sense of security in the public vanishing with fast pace. Opposition demanding revoking of POTA made the Govt. more nervous, as this would have gone against their muslim vote bank. But, they were not even in the position to shoo away hindu voters. so, they took the middle path. They did an encounter and showed that they were not soft on terror and have nabbed all the people involved.

I think it is very obvious for any government to take this kind of position to save their souls and here comes the role of the non- state actors. Media instead of exposing the loopholes took all the versions of the Police correctly negating even the existence of other versions. They branded the alleged youngsters as criminals and have created an atmosphere that today, if they are proved innocent, they won’t be able to live their life peacefully. They have created a public opinion in such a way that people have started looking all the muslims (especially from Jamia and Azamgarh) as terrorists. Muslims are slowly being sidelined and this can further add oil in the already uncontrolled fire. Post- Babri masjid and Godhra, which were the main ingrediants in instigating muslims, it was the resposibility of the Govt to act and punish the accused. But as India is a democracy exclusively for politicians and they have every right to say and do whatever they want to. Politicians like Advani, Joshi and Modi were never accused of anything. They were held accountable only by the opposition who changed it’s stand when it too joined the process.

There is nothing to say more as I think people have started taking things non-critically and when this happens a society becomes defunct. India is bound to collapse and fall apart if we allow our politicians and media to control our opinions. I think time has come for us to sit and think that are we being doctrinated and programmed to understand things in a certain way? and if yes, how to bring the change?


3 thoughts on “L- 18 Batla House

  1. Hey, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..I”ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work! 🙂

    – Marc Shaw

  2. I think its a timely article. Too much is happening as an undercurrent and the public are being shown only what the government and the media wants them to see…that the ‘free’ and ‘independent’ media has become a term that is loaded with irony is something we have come to accept. But the tragedy is that we are still dependent on them to harvest our opinions. India is becoming a dangerously polarized place and there does not seem to be a semblance of a strong center to hold it together.

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