It was heartening to know that in the second round of polling in Jammu and Kashmir 65% voters used their rights. Despite the boycott by the separatists, despite the cold and the threats from the militants, they came out in the large numbers. In one of the constituency, the polling was as high as 77%. It’s a slap on the face of the people who living in Cities and enjoying all the privileges’ do not even go out to vote but are the first one to criticize. In cities like Delhi in which I live, people living in posh colonies consider (Maximum of whom are ‘self-proclaimed’ socialites and running elite NGO’s) voting as ‘Down -market’. They think (oops! Do they have brains to think?)  that they should boycott the elections, as because whichever Government comes they would be the first one to be getting all the perks and incentives. Of course, what they don’t understand is that they get these things at the cost of poor people. And they get it for having the power to speak which, poor do not have. They have the power of money which others do not have.

Despite my argument being in a usual bashing vote, I request every body to vote. As I am an optimist and believer of democracy, as this is one thing, which gives me power to speak.  And above all, I believe this is the only thing because of which India exists defying all odds.



2 thoughts on “PLEASE VOTE !

  1. I don’t think there is anything funny about the comment you made. If you got your voter id at the age of 12 then did you went out and vote? I don’t think so. Even the exclusive possession of your id couldn’t hid your minority status. And the state where people fear every moment for their life, we should appreciate there courage and stop passing unescessary ridiculous remarks.

  2. what’s kept you the past couple of months? anyway, just to give you some food for thought – I got my official voter ID when I was 12 years old.. I wonder how many of those 65% were this age or below when they voted!!

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