My name… it’s stolen!

what is this?  Today, when i googled my name, I found someone has stolen my name!!!  My name, my identity ! Earlier, I was the only owner of my name, the uniquest (if such a word exists! ) name, spelling in the world. A name, whose uniqueness was because of it’s spelling,  a rare combination of letters, which had the capacity and guts to stand alone without the crutches of sur-name. See, now where it lies… with some one else, who is trying to own it by giving it a new garb of surname. But, would my loving letters leave me alone ? uummhh… I don’t think so, they are the building blocks of my life. They are the bearer and witness of all the highs and lows, which I have gone through. They have defended my non-anonymity all these years and would continue to do so… So, my loving name even if you are being forced to be with someone else, try your best, to be me. To be just me…  love you 🙂 always…


One thought on “My name… it’s stolen!

  1. awww…dont worry, for many people, your name has become a brand:) and if i have learnt anything in marketing, it is this – competitors can steal your product but they cant steal your brand…so here’s to brand “Gorvika”, the only one i care to know;)

    and oh btw, a breathtaking photo…kept staring it for a long time…sometimes I am reminded with a jolt how beautiful, how exquisitely beautiful…;) this was one of the moments 🙂

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