That Night…

I am writing a story which would be published in series. As and when I hit on some idea I’ll try to write and edit the story. In the meanwhile, read and enjoy 🙂

Lying on the bed, I was trying hard to study. Dozing off in between every three lines of Anton Chekov’s Cherry Orchard, I couldn’t even guess where my characters were going. I was in my own sleepy world. Suddenly, as always I had that sudden bout of will of getting up and going out. I looked at my table clock it showed 2:45 A.m. I got out of the bed, opened the door with sudden force and went straight to loo. I kept on staring myself in front of the mirror for a while and posed like a model, and cursed god for not giving me a height of 5.8” or 10”. Brushing aside all the weird thoughts, I tried to ponder over my next day’s exam. I splashed some water on my face, corrected my hair and went back to my room. My age-old fan was making that khat-khat sound as always. The amazing part of it was that, I never even realized that my fan made so much noise but, whoever called me up pointed to the weird background track which they were being forced to listen…
( To be continued…)


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