To be or not be a woman?

In the recent times, I have been experiencing a certain kind of resistance and a pessimism growing in me. I am becoming more skeptical, while dealing with men. It is not as if something has happened with me but it’s because what’s happening with women on the whole. I was very keen on attending a play to be staged at 7:30 PM, forgetting about the crime rate in Delhi, (even if our chief commissioner claims that the crime rate has come down by 28%, I don’t believe it, the only thing they might have done is not reporting the incidents) and even forgetting about the behavior of Delhi Police with women, who presume that every women is prostitute (especially if she is wearing western wear) and their presumption increases if she has a male escort.

Coming back to the play which I wanted to see, I was about to talk to one of my friends about the play but then the Noida Gang Rape happened. A 22-yr old gang-raped by ten men! I must tell you that I was not just scared but shattered from inside. Even thinking about the incident sent shivers down my spine. I was speechless. I kept on thinking what would have happened to the girl? These news channels, papers, women organizations would shout from the top for some days and then stop after getting and hogging all the limelight. News channels now catering 24X7 would get the ingredients for the breaking News and some charges against the government, deteriorating law and order situation, blah blah blah… but what would happen to the girl? Would she ever be in a position to come out of this Day-mare which is every woman’s Nightmare?

Day before yesterday, similar incident happened but in different manner. Some 40-odd religious HINDU (that’s how they identified themselves, in real life I don’t know any Hindu doing or behaving like that other than people affiliated with political outfits) chauvinists entered a pub called Amnesia in Manglore, Karnataka and started molesting and beating women guests. Men who tried to protect them were also roughed up. They accused them of playing with the cultural values of the nation and propagating nudeness and whatever. What was more offending was the attitude of some news channels (I don’t remember them right now but would definitely name them in the near future for their disgusting, condemnable irresponsibility), who got the information beforehand and arrived on the spot before the incident occurred. Neither did they inform the police nor felt the responsibility of warning the guests. They recorded the incident live, got the feed for their breaking news and 24X7 channels. It was not just disgusting and humiliating but even questioned the authenticity of these news channels and media. They should be ashamed of themselves! I am not a person of a revenge kind but would definitely ask media that would they have reacted in the same way if any women of their own family was present at that particular place?

What should I say about these Hindu organizations, doubling and changing their shapes and numbers with such a rapid speed that would even shame Amoeba and Virus. Swinging between atheism and agnosticism, I have never been serious about religion but I have never disrespected it. I believe people need some center to hold on and they get it through the religion. The problem arises when these organizations use them as a weapon to come to limelight and the sheer pleasure of beating and roughing up men and molesting and raping women. What they did with these women was an act of rape of their dignity, self-respect and their morals. By humiliating them, they have humiliated the whole female population. They showed that they have the power and right over each and every woman and they would do whatever and whenever they want to. BJP Govt being in power in Karnataka would never let any of it’s man to be nabbed by police But, what am I saying, when congress was in power in Maharashtra, 40- odd men striped and molested a single women outside a five star hotel in Pune. Not much happened…

Every crime which occurs with woman has an affect not just on that particular woman but the female community as such. They are disturbed psychologically. They become more skeptical, vigilant, scared, develop resistance etc. why is that women are still considered to be a soft target, a public property, sex object? When any thing happens with them they are the first to be blamed for not wearing the right type of clothes (what is right-type of clothes is open for interpretations, even burkha-clad women are raped and molested) and wooing men because of that, for being ADVENTEROUS by working late, for doing jobs meant for men, for intruding into manly spaces, in short, trying to open their wings and unbalancing the society. Would it ever stop? I doubt.


One thought on “To be or not be a woman?

  1. Your post is indeed an excellent one with solid thoughts..Women are easy targets bcoz in our society,majority of them are still not comfortable with the idea of women liberation..So when they see women wearing dresses of their choice or do work and earn money etc etc,they feel insecure and vent off their frustration thru incidents like this,..

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