Our New Guests…

A pair of Pigeons have come to reside against the window of my kitchen. It is such a pleasure to watch them whenever I enter my kitchen. I have been keeping an eye on them from the day the pair came at the back of my window. It seems the female Pigeon had to lay eggs and came to test the feasibility of the place. It was such a cute view when I saw the female pigeon testing the place by sitting in the egg-laying position while the male-pigeon walking and checking the place. From that day onwards they are collecting all the materials for making the nest. The female-pigeon sits while the male pigeon brings all kind of materials like strings of rope, thin branches of trees etc and puts around her.

Sometimes, I just stand there and watch them silently. It is such a marvellous display of affection which they show towards each other that it just makes me wonder do I even stand anywhere near them? The treasure of their never ending love gets displayed in front of me in the form of their helping each other and making love. I feel so small and incomplete.

It forces me to think, who has given ‘Us’ ‘Humans’ power to call them irrational, beasts and non-social? Who are we to judge what they are and what they are capable of? Do we even know about their world? It’s we who intrude and show our claim over each and every space. It’s we who have marked the terrestrial, space and waters and fight for them with each other. Then who becomes the beast and who are the angels? Who are rational and who are irrational?

Pondering over these stupid questions I immerse myself in my daily chores and try to rationalise my “humane” thoughts. The paradox of my existence in the form of Human- The so-called highest form of life.

Oh God! Help me!


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