Politics is in the air…

It’s election time and as all my friends complain, me being a product/outcome of a political hangover (recent one being N ;)) it becomes my moral duty to write something on the elections. So, here it comes…

Election season is on. Every party is accusing the other party. Endless nights are being spent by the speech writers to make the speech as violent, as accusable and as communal as they can. Every party needs media attention and our dear media is getting all the attention it craves for. Now, some of the recordings of those stupid comedy programmes, which they used to air at the prime time are getting cold shoulders. The time is for our dear Varun Ghandhi, Modi and of course Sanjay Dutt. Maneka Gandhi after taking care of all the animals on this earth suddenly has come back from the dead to be her son’s personal secretary. I am loving this sudden “paradigm shift” (I admit, I remember it from P’s Year book, which he showed me today and boosted his ego by claiming himself to be the brainchild behind it ;)), from animals to her son or is it just an illusionary shift ! whatever it is, but she knows that Varun couldn’t have asked for any other better launch pad. He is getting all the attention and anybody, who wants an immediate attention should just support or condemn him. Lalu did the same, got the notice from the election commission and is now happily campaigning.

One Government ( or is it constitutional) Agency, which is working overtime is Election commission. I can’t even count the number of notices they have served to the offenders. But, it is still a puzzle for me what these notices do. Of course, except giving the candidates free publicity.

Indian elections is such a big event that it’s not possible for me to write about it in one go. So, I will try to write about the people, who stand out for me in this great debate.

Sanjay Dutt is creating waves. First, by not getting the permission to contest and second, by accusing Govt for it. After all, he is a common Indian citizen, who at one point of time was found possessing AK-47, Grenades etc. He is so common that despite this, he is freely roaming and enjoying his both acting and political career. Here comes another blurb from our darling Munnabhai. In an epiphanic mode, now he claims that he was tortured because he had a Muslim mother ( Ya honey but a famous one isn’t! ). His politics is so visibly shrewed that it shouldn’t be even considered – Politics.

Now comes the big one, clash of the titans, one to one fight between the wannabe (Even I am becoming American 😦 ) Prime Ministers, Manmohan Vs Advani. New accusations, new character assassinations and analysis on the daily basis.

I am Loving it! Who says Politics is boring! 😉


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