Subduing by sleep the bodily realm,
Remaining awake, he contemplates
The sleeping senses.
Taking the light, he returns to his place-
The golden person!
The single goose!
Guarding by breath the lower nest,
The immortal roams outside the nest;
The immortal goes wherever he wants-
The golden person!
The single goose!
Travelling in sleep to places high and low,
The god creates many a visible form-
Now dallying with women,
Now laughing,
Now seeing frightful things.
All they see is his pleasure ground;
But him no one sees at all.

The above lines are translation of a shloka from Brihadarayanka Upanishad of white Yajurveda on Dreams. Isn’t it sad to see that our sheer ignorance of ancient scriptures make us believe that they have something incomprehensible in them. Just because we don’t read them, orthodox Hindus (majorly politicians) make us believe that all the stupid things they do and say are written in scriptures. I would advise them to go back and read them again, so that they stop interpreting and propagating them wrongly. Because of these people, Indians are being devoid of such a wonderful literature, as they develop a resistance against fundamentalist Hindu religion.


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