TV and just TV


TV has never failed to fascinate me. The pull  is more towards the analysing power I improve because of it. My bad habit of being restless both physically and mentally just ends in front of TV. Most of the people like P think, TV is something which wastes  time and energy and to save ourselves we should just snub it. I think, it as a medium through which, I am able to analyse and understand people. The whole sociological, anthropological, philosophical, psychological analysis comes to a full circle just watching it.

I am thinking of writing a book on TV which would comprise everything which comes on it. Serials, advertisements, films, news, channels everything. The basic ingredient of the book would draw from the fact that TV has moulding and manipulating power. It is a factor which changes society and the generations linked with it.

People think that it is a reflection of society, it is.  But, more than that it is the other way round.

Let me see, how far would I go and expose the equations of powerful and the powerless ! 😉


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