Me, Pinter and Whys?

Tell me, tell me what did I do  Pinter

that you are playing with me like this?

Was I wrong in choosing you as my mate?

Or were you too Pinteresque  to be with me?

You showed me the world of symbolism

And exposed me to the unexposed

You laid open the kaleidoscope of mind,

And made me read the colours

You taught me how to play with words,

And understand its permutation-combination

You shared with me

Your dirty secrets of language

Then, what happened ?

Suddenly, you have abandoned me???

Why can’t I understand the same words

Which once showed me universe of existential crisis

Why do I suffer from your linguistic crisis?

Why these pauses and silences

are silent on me ?

Why from your mate you have turned me into a character of your play ?



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