Baba Saheb and me

I dedicate this article to the man who has played the most important part in my life. I believe that where I stand today is because of him and hence this dedication on his birth anniversary more than an obligation is my fitting reply to the people, who think that by merely paying tribute through flowers and attending gatherings on a single day is enough to thank a man of his stature.

Baba Saheb as he is fondly called, for me was a man who had an objective bent of mind. The lot of subjective humiliation, which he went through in his life couldn’t digress him from the direction of enlightenment. He knew how to compartmentalise the brain when it came to the rights of the depressed people or dalits and when the topic of the discussion was about the whole Indians. A great scholar, a man without parochial and narrow views and somebody who single-handedly uplifted the section of the society, the section, which at one time was not even allowed to drink water from the same well from which upper caste people drank. The plethora of literature he has written and the knowledge he possessed is just impossible for me to write about until and unless I am ready to read all his books and be prepared to write books on him. what I really liked about him was his penchant for learning, unlearning and improving with time and confessing the same with utmost dignity and confidence.

With this, Leaving you all with the lines which have always inspired me to learn, to unlearn, to be objective, to improve and be proud about my inconsistencies of the past and flaunt my desire to be consistent with my inconsistencies…

“To a critic who is a hostile and malicious person and who wants to make capital out of my inconsistencies my reply is straight. Emerson has said that consistency is the virtue of an ass and I don’t wish to make an ass of myself. No thinking human being can be tied down to a view once expressed in the name of consistency. More important than consistency is responsibility. A responsible person must learn to unlearn what he has learned. A responsible person must have the courage to rethink and change his thoughts. Of course there must be good and sufficient reason for unlearning what he has learned and for recasting his thoughts. There can be no finality in thinking.”



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