Confessions of a bride-to-be…

And my heart swelled and swelled
with joy and excitement
for the coming carnival
and impending disaster
for the mad madness
and hushing hushness
for the embarrassing ceremonies
and pepsodent smiles
for the grand procession
and teary farewell…


4 thoughts on “Confessions of a bride-to-be…

  1. yes, the dust has settled
    as the rains came.
    yes, she is still stranger in the friendly place
    but, are we all not strangers in our own dreams?
    yes, the old excitement is no more
    as it has given place to new thrills and adventures.

  2. and how does the bride feel now?
    now that the dust has settled, now that the excitement has abated,
    now that she’s a stranger in a friendly place.
    she found love, took her vows.
    she is living the proverbial dream!

    or is she?

    this reality,hasn’t this been her daily dream?
    she did find love, she did take her vows.
    then why does she feel desolate in paradise?
    yes, the dust has settled; yes, there is no excitement any more
    and how does the bride feel now?

  3. thanks for the compliment and I just loved your blog
    will be a regular stalker from here onwards 😉


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