It’s Palestine !!!


I had a dream last night

I saw ruins
of once inhabited spaces.

they told me their stories…

I saw deserted roads
and bulleted houses

they made me hear their noises…

I saw blood splattered roads
and barbed wires

they shouted, howled and cried…

I saw men
as red-holed corpses

they refused to leave their holyland..

I saw women
thumping their chests over white-clothed bodies

they didn’t let the body go…

I saw young
being beaten by green-uniformed men

they hated all love stories…

I saw children
with tear-less eyes and faked smiles

they didn’t laugh even on Humpty-Dumpty…

I woke up
with sweated body and fast beating heart

I shared it with ‘P’
he laughed and said,

“It’s a dream and yet, not a dream


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