The Planchette

“Ok, I know how to do Planchette. Who will do with me?”, Rimi asked. Sherry on the other hand was very scared of getting involved with all this.

“I will”, Adi answered.

It was 12AM. Rimi and Sherry both were in the hostel room of Adi. Girls were not allowed inside the boy’s hostel so, Adi paid some bribe to the peon and brought both of them inside the hostel.

Adi’s room all over was plastered with pictures of Che Guevara, Hugo Chavez, Bhagat Singh, Fidel Castro and Martin Luther. After all he was Secretary Of AISA, student wing of the mainstream left party.

“Array yahan bhi”, laughed Rimi pointing to the pictures. “Is there any part of the wall left in your room? Where will you paste picture of your future girl friend”, mocked Sherry.

“Let it be yaar ! Now stop all this ! Come to the point. Let’s concentrate on planchette”, Adi screamed little irritatingly. “You know, we don’t have all night devoted to ourselves, you people need to leave before every one starts waking up. So let’s start… ASAP”. He added.

” Ok ! Ok ! There is no need to scream ! We were just trying to lighten the atmosphere”, Rimi replied while taking out the planchette board from her bag and a pointer. Sherry was staring at the board with amazement. The light brown wooden board actually looked little scary. There were alphabets written in Old English font in a semi circle on the top of the board. Each alphabet looked as if it’s trying to tell a story of its own.

Below the alphabets, were numbers. Numbers were eerie, even more scary. They looked as if they will just shout and reveal the date of your death !

“Guys, look here now!” Rimi’s voice brought back Sherry from her wonderland. She lighted a candle and placed it on the table. “Adi, you need to put your finger on the pointer with me and no matter what happens don’t take your finger from the pointer”. Adi laughed and shaked his head in affirmation.

“Both of you recite with me… ANY HOLY SPIRIT PASSING BY PLEASE COME”.

All three of them with bated breath kept on repeating the same chant. While the girls really believed in it, Adi was getting restless. “Listen ! If nothing happens in a minute, I will leave it”, he said annoyingly. Rimi ignored him and kept on repeating the lines. Suddenly, the pointer started becoming heavy. Both of them felt as if something is happening. Excitedly, Rimi asked “Holy Spirit are you here”.

Now, pointer started moving, creating words from the alphabets.


Adi now was super excited and asked “what is your name ?”. Pointer again started moving and making a word .


“Wow ! You have my name . That’s very cool ! “. Without any provocation pointer again started moving.

“D-O-N’T Y-O-U K-N-O-W? I-A-M Y-O-U !!!”

“What nonsense? What nonsense is this? That is the reason I don’t believe in all these things” Saying this he threw the pointer in a fit of a moment . The board came crashing down with a loud noise. “What are you doing Adi ? At least see the time before you make such noise”, while shouting Rimi took his hand to see the time. Adi’s watch stopped at 12:20. “What happened to your watch now?” Rimi saw the time in her watch but, even her watch surprisingly stopped at the same time. “What is this?, Sherry what is the time on your watch?”. Sherry was not wearing a watch. She checked her phone. It showed 12:20.

Suddenly they heard footsteps in the corridor. Presuming that warden might come to check the rooms, all of them got silent.

Outside the room, three boys were talking amongst themselves. “Why is this room always locked?”.
“I don’t know exactly but I have heard nearly ten years back, a guy sneaked in two girls inside the room but unfortunately, the room caught fire because of some candle and all of them died in that accident. And you know what? Around 12:20 some kind of weird noises are heard from this room. Actually it is said that they died around this time”, second replied.

“What was the name of the guy?”

“Adi”. He replied.


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