A Short Story of Y 

Y was very sad. Being one of the last letters of the language, Y always felt excluded. He thought that my friend X has a life, he becomes so important during christmas. No one can do without him during winter holidays. My other friend Z also feels that he is superior than me. Being the last alphabet he feels that the world ends with him. In fact nowadays, he boasts of having two names Z and Zee. This is not fair ! Am I the only one without any importance ? 

One morning, he suddenly started getting so many calls. He was being called everywhere. He was surprisingly happy but wasn’t aware what is happening? Then he got to know that there is this new SMS language which has evolved in the market and Y from being a ‘letter’ now has attained the status of a ‘word’. Y has pushed out W and H from WHY and has emerged a solo winner. As important as other questions of inquisitive humans, he was now the question of answered/unanswered answers.

And with this new identity of a question Y lived happily ever after.


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