Dead Poets Society: A Poetry Studies Group

I have this huge love for poetry even when I write such tacky poems. For my love of poems I have started this poetry studies group called as ‘Dead poets society’ with some of the students of Delhi university. So, we try to meet every month and discuss poetry. A topic for every session is set on which students/friends are encouraged to write poetry. Even when students cannot write they can Google some poems and bring them for discussion. Till now, the response has been tremendous and overwhelming. To document the events and the poems recited we have also started a blog.

Please see below the link to the blog and the manifesto set for the blog and for the group.

Manifesto of the Group

“We are a group of enthusiastic poets who believe in the power of Poetry. This blog is an attempt to bring the Poets and the Poetry together. We hope this naivete process encourages people to regain interest in the poetry which has lost in the hardships of time. We also wish to pay tribute to the spirit of the movie Dead Poets Society from which our blog derives the name”.


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