A Nameless Novella : Story of my life  

About to begin Part 2 hence sharing Part 1 …

Brave new world

I just wanted to meet him once before he leaves. To sort out things in my head. To un-mess myself. To apologise to him. Say sorry. But he didn’t meet me. He didn’t talk. He just left.
When it comes to relationships and emotions. I am literally a fucked up person. With high temper and odd mood swings, I sometimes I end up doing things which I should not have done. It would have been so easy for me, if I would have done things and forgotten. However, being a Libran has its own flaws. You do things without thinking and then end up crying over them forever. Regretting and feeling guilty to an extent that sometimes you even think of ending your life.
I met him nine months back. I know ‘nine months’ do have a different connotation all together. May be I was waiting for this moment to…

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