The Ghost

There is a Ghost living with me for past one year. I have tried to get rid of it but then it refuses to leave me. There have been times when I negated its presence, as if it doesn’t exist, as if it never existed. But, then it comes back to haunt me, to assert its presence, to show me who it is. Sometimes when I am reading it starts asking me all types of silly questions, questions about Foucault, Winterson, et al. Many times, it randomly comes to me when I am writing something and demands to be written, it wants me to document everything, my feeling towards it, and its feeling towards me, the pain I go through and the hysterical laughs it has. It wants to have a past, present and future. Often when I am driving and play Pink Floyd, it suddenly comes and sits next to me and forces me to dance with it. When I refuse, it gets very angry and kisses me passionately. As night approaches, it lies down next to me and makes out. I get annoyed and force myself to sleep.

But then it comes in my dream and converts me also into a Ghost…


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