I never Called him. My Call logs prove that I never called him. Its astonishing that we never talked on phone. I sometimes really wonder that how could I, who is like next to a chatter-box never tried to talk to him. I think I was too intimidated by him, too much in awe, I don’t remember when was the last time I kept mum as if in reality cat took my tongue.

However, we messaged a lot… Hmmm… actually I messaged a lot, he only replied. Throughout our nine months of exchange of messages, he messaged me only once, all the time he just replied to my endless messages…

I have been in a trance for maximum of this year, a year of adventures, achievements of conventional type, mad passions, delusions, imaginations and stories…He came like a lucky mascot in my life and I got fascinated to him like a kid to a toy. I refused to leave him or his thoughts. I didn’t realize or may be I realized but didn’t care that I was slowly getting sucked into black hole of an imagination. A tale of imagination which was created by me. All the characters were result of my delusion, my dreams. I was forcing him to be the main protagonist of my story. He refused.

Since childhood I have this habit of creating stories. I even remember the kind of thought process I had when I was 3 years old. I remember the stories I created in my Kindergarten. There were multiple stories attached to everyone I knew. When I grew old I made even my friends participate in my imaginations. Throughout the day, I was lost in my thoughts when not being part of any conversation. Before sleeping I used to create a story involving everyone I knew and narrate it to the walls of my house. In Sixth Standard my diary became confidante of my life but not of imaginations or my stories. I never wrote them. I don’t know why. May be I was afraid of writing them, may be they were too utopian or I thought my writing them down might give them a life which my imagination declined.

But one day, we decided to meet…

(Part 2 ends…)

( I will be publishing this in series, I do not have patience to write in one go neither do I have courage not to publish this after I have written  something 😉 )  




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