I smelled him today! Ha! Ha! Really! You know I can do that on demand! How? It is a long story but I will only brief you… No! No! Don’t worry I won’t hide the long story from you but like as said, will unfold it on the journey which you and I are making… Remember, I told you about the meeting we had? That day was an amazing day, full of adventures, me running around to save time, so that I can reach him as soon as possible. I wore Saree to work that day and planned to leave early as there was no work. My plan was to come back home early, change and then leave for the Mall.  Not even a second it occurred to me that I might get late. But, as true to the uncertainties and unfortunate events happening that day, I got very late. I hurried and ran back home. Changed my dress, Yeah! Yeah! tried multiple before zeroing on one! Wore a deep-dusty- embroidered-pink colored top, my favorite and rushed. However, as it was an unexpected day, I found humongous amount of traffic  and reached very-very late  L But, the meeting is not what I am going to talk about…

You need to wait and have patience for that!

It is that deep-dusty-embroidered-pink colored top which is the theme of my narration right now. As it was an impossible day, an impossible thing happened! my favorite, loyal, loving top caught hold of his smell!!! Yeah! you heard it right! That non-living textile, got his smell and now whenever, I try to wear it, I smell him and stop!  I cannot wear that cloth, it has his smell, it takes me back into time, on that fateful day. What if, I wear that top and it loses his smell? What will I do then? These are the only memories I have of him… I cannot wear it!

I will never wear that top again …

Until he meets me…


And transfers himself into another cloth of mine !!!

Till then, I am happy with his smell and the kind of affect it has on me

(Part 4 ends…)

(I will be publishing this in series, I do not have patience to write in one go neither do I have courage not to publish this after I have written something 😉 )  





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