“Come ! Come again !!! If you love me that much, can’t you Come again for me ? ” He said with that passionate voice of his. I couldn’t help and Came…. Again… I woke up exasperated and all wet.. with sweat…and of course other things… Dream ? Yeah ! It was a dream !!! Help me ! What should I do ? I parted with him physically long time back, mentally, just some days ago but then he comes in my dreams and makes me so… so…. Whatever !!!

The truth is I have parted… In reality, he doesn’t exist for me… Yeah ! I do use him for some pleasure seeking activities, like a toy but then that’s it ! I told you, the only thing which I cannot tolerate is someone killing his/her own principles or my principles. You know what he told me once ? “I use FB only for my drawings, I am not a very FB person” … And, then you move out of your domestic space and guess what ? You are an entirely new person… Unrecognizable !!! Ha ! Ha ! May be I am just overreacting… But, I have always been like that … A drama queen !!!

May be, I just needed a reason to leave him which I got…He doesn’t know… He will never know… I won’t communicate with him any more… But, then he doesn’t care… He never cared… Do you know what is the truth ? During our one and only meeting, more than me he was intimidated… He couldn’t even look into my eyes… During the course of the movie we watched, he kept on touching me innocently with his fingers… He pretended as if he doesn’t know what is he doing… And, I pretended as if I don’t know what is he doing… Strange ! Isn’t ?

But then that was a magical day ! Magical time ! These times occur like rare meteors, once in your life time…

One day…I will definitely recreate the magic of that magical day…

(Part 9 ends…)

(I will be publishing this in series, I do not have patience to write in one go neither do I have courage not to publish this after I have written something 😉 )  


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