Why is it so difficult for him to reply back ? Is it his ego, attitude, indifference, or something else ? Indifference ! Can’t be .. He reads my words sitting in L, he read them even when he was in M. He cannot deny that… My feelings cannot be falsified…

He knows how I feel about him. He knows what I want or what I don’t want. Am I that scary that he is scared of replying to me ? I don’t get all this. I just don’t understand.

My heart refuses to accept that he is like this. Artists are not unromantic. but then is he an artist or just a dry theorist, Who would prefer critiquing romanticism rather than talking about romance ?

But then may be I am not the person he wants to talk with. May be I do not fit under his category of women. May be he categorises his friends before making friendship.

But then, Love is Marxist. It’s a utopian idea. It thrives on the principle of struggle. It cannot be achieved. It should not be achieved. Every time a goal is achieved, it stops the struggle so for the struggle to continue new goals need to be set. Goals should be unachievable then only the struggle will continue. It works on the same principle of ‘Polygon’ of Cusanas. A polygon keeps on multiplying it’s corners but the day it reaches to its maximum it is no more a polygon, it becomes a Circle. And the struggle stops, the journey stops… Then wasn’t it me who said journey is more important than destination…

Hence, the struggle needs to continue towards an unachievable destination…

(Part 12 ends…)

(I will be publishing this in series, I do not have patience to write in one go neither do I have courage not to publish this after I have written something 😉 )  


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