I agree when I say struggle is very important but is it right on my part to keep on struggling even if it comes at the cost of someone else’s struggle ? Lately I have started feeling that like me he is also struggling. However, his struggle is entirely different. He is struggling to get rid of me. I am stifling him. I am forcing him to read me through my words.

Have I taken too much advantage of my gender ? What if someone else would have done this to me ? Like what all happened in school. If that was a molestation and teasing how can this be not defined as one ? What right do I have to convey anything to him ? To write him whenever I want to … Hasn’t he given enough evidence to me through his blocking that he does not want to communicate anything with me ?

I am questioning my inner self, tormenting it to answer my questions… but, it refuses to give me any rational explanation… It just displays my selfishness in front of me… It tells me how for my own selfish pleasure I become a hurdle in his happiness… How my own journey is nothing but a revolution around him… as if he is a roundabout & I am the car who refuses to take any path and keeps on moving round and round around a single roundabout…

I need to stop all this…


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