High fever and all I am thinking about is his ‘feet’. That’s odd. I know that’s very odd. May be sometimes when your body temperature is 102 this happens.

I have never seen his naked feet. He always wears shoes. Shoes. I don’t like his shoes. They have hidden so much from me. Imagining, how his feet would be like … Hmm. I think they would be exactly like his hands… Very artistic and masculine…

I think he deliberately does not show his feet. He always hides them. Naked feet tell the story of the path you have taken… Many times it also reveals the path you are about to take…

He doesn’t want anyone to follow him… He wants to keep his life a secret…While his feet protest and expose everything… He is not democratic, he is like a dictator… That’s why he wears shoes.

It’s night. Fever 101.5. Shivering. Two blankets on me. Feeling dizzy. Burning eyes. Gasping for breath. Not able to sleep. I try to distract myself but failing again and again. The only thing which is able to divert me from my condition is he and words written for him. I imagine his feet and my temperature increases. I start sweating.

I am imagining his feet. Long fingers. Light pinkish sole. While he lies down I take his feet in my hand while showering infinite number of kisses. Slowly I take his toe in my mouth. He relaxes while I suck his toe, looking straight in his eyes. He tries hard to open his eyes but not able to… He gasps for breath and opens his mouth…

OK I think my body cannot take more of my creation right now. I need to sleep…


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