It’s 100 now but feels 103. Burning eyes combined with bad headache. Foul mouth. Pizza tastes worse. Water like poison. It’s not easy to be ill.

I just realised that the last time I was this unwell was in 2011. Wow ! Its almost after five years, I am caught by high fever. Not a bad record after all.
I tried reading but couldn’t. My irritating eyes refuse to give permission to read. Slept throughout the day. Ate medicine and dozed off. Watched “About Schmidt”. Had headache and slept. Now I am trying hard to sleep but not able to.
I listen to U2 on my IPad and imagine. Imagine myself wearing my favourite white frock. I wait for him in a Coffee Shop. He waited for me last time it was my turn now. He comes and hugs me. It’s magical as always, that smell of his, I can sense even in my dreams 😉 Wearing that green-military-coloured-collared Tee Shirt, he looked thin but still delicious ! He starts eating and without looking in my eyes (as always) says “You didn’t complete the conversation that day. So what happened after I undid your strap?”
Will complete the rest in dreams 😉
Going off for now !


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