This fever has turned me into such an anti-social person. May be I was always like this and this illness just unveiled the mask over my real self ( if there is any). Can you imagine throughout the day I did nothing except FB ? I kept on browsing my phone, charging, recharging again, not talking to anyone, getting irritated for no  reason. The whole day spent in virtual world with friends who are always on FB… Ha ! Ha ! FB is becoming a headache for me. I keep on criticising him when I am the one who should be scolded. Imagine someone is getting all rich because I am at home, all alone, irritated with the world, do not want to talk to real people, never want to get out of my home etc , these people show me this world where I can be with everyone without being with anyone. Amazing ! isn’t ?

Forget it ! Fever is over.. Worst is over ! What remain are celebrations !!! Now, you must be thinking celebrations for what ? My Kiddo is about to turn 28 in a month !!! 😀

So, I want to gift him something but what ? Hmmm… That needs some thinking…


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