Keep thinking…

I have decided that my 28th Post would be on his birthday ! 🙂 For that I just need to control my urges to write as I am already on my 19th 😦 Will do ! Will do ! “Aur bhi gham hai zamaanay main likhnay kay siva, absay hum un gamon ko hee apna saaki bana lenge”  

That’s tacky ! 😉 but, never mind…

I am still not back to work and on leave. This fever has left me very emotionally, physically drained… So, today my frustration reached manifold when I couldn’t sleep till 4:30 AM. When, I got up, as usual (as the whole world nowadays do) browsed Fb and saw a friends request. I mean, I usually get multiple friends requests daily of random people and out of all that randomness and strangeness, there would be one person who actually known to me. Normally, I don’t send requests.. I can see him smirking (Hee ! Hee ! sent him multiple times, and because of him to other colleagues just to make it look more normal ;)) I accept requests only from people, whom I have met at least once in my life time… So, early morning I get this request from a person with whom I have infinite number of common friends (He is also one of them ), I have never met him although I know him pretty well through people, FB, rumours and as a colleague… The “Happy Me” is non-existent nowadays, so,  when I saw that request in the morning, I got so angry I can’t tell you, there is no reason behind it, the only reason being his such a negative picture which he has put as his profile pic… I mean, that is also a picture which when came to me as “suggestions”, I thought why would anyone put up a picture like that ? (its his angry face) Never mind… Problem was with me, it just triggered the Everest of emotions inside me…

Hence, in a single day, I had everything, anxiety, panic attacks, crying, sobbing etc etc…

Its evening… & I think I am more relaxed now.

You will laugh at me if I say that nowadays, I have started seeing too much while watching movies… I will see the painting on the wall and keep on thinking about the relevance of that particular painting with either the theme of the movie or the time period… & then trying to thread these kind of random sightings and observations throughout the movie ! I did that to ‘Udaan’ and then to ‘About Schmidt’… It just kills the experience of Cinema 😦

Whatever !

“Orgy of ideas” : Since morning, this phrase refuses to leave my mind… I tried to write something on it but couldn’t…

What if I say…

We sat there in the Coffee shop sipping coffee, me, wearing my white- coloured frock and he, his military-coloured-collared tee shirt, oblivious to each other’s touches, while inside our minds, our ideas got too close, creating volcanic atmosphere, explored history, geography & biology of each other and wrote sonnets on that, fought to subjugate and then like a mad tyrant high-on-Viagra made out …my infinite ideas with his infinite ideas displayed a spectacle of Orgy inside our minds to impregnate each other…. Suddenly, both of us looked up, our eyes met but…


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