It’s becoming difficult for me to hide you from this world. People have started asking numerous questions about you. What am I supposed to tell them ? But, before that what am I supposed to tell myself ? Do you really exist ? You know lately I have started feeling that I never met you…The exchange of messages never happened…we never ate together…we never watched that movie… You know I have started questioning myself about your existence ? Were you really there or you are just my imagination? You know I do not have any documentary proof of your reality… Neither do I have any picture of yours… How should I define you then ?

Do you know that neurological diseases are the only one which cannot be proved. If doctor says you are mad or even majority of the society says that you are insane, your insanity gets proved. It is one of the scariest things of the world. It always reminds me of that season of ‘American Horror Story’ called ‘Asylum’. While reading, I sometimes feel that I am the ‘I’ in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper…

Don’t you think for the proof of my sanity, your presence is necessary. The proof of your reality is necessary. People believe in the presence of God and keep on worshipping it. No one questions that. No one will be declared mad for believing in the existence of God. So, God need not come to prove its presence. While we mortals live with the tangible reality. Our existence needs to be proved. How should I prove that you really exist ? Even I existed at one point of time for you…. Forget about my existence… My existence is still a question…. And I want it to remain like that… But, to prove that I am not insane, that I never hallucinated…. you need to give me a sign.. Prove that you are real…



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