I think it’s time that I take control of my life…Too many things are happening in my life… At work place, too many overwhelming opportunities are getting delivered every fortnight… Everything is just too intimidating… I am involved in maximum of the things…. Trying to explore my own potential and stamina… All this is too tiring… However, I miss my earlier workplace… I miss those random outings…gossips….rumours…fights…food…canteen… Everything… This workplace is good but it feels as if it is very utilitarian…I miss the warmth… It’s not that I don’t talk to people but the kind of bonds I had before cannot be formed again…. Everything is disjointed…here…

However, I am reading and watching a lot… Should I say there are two more things apart from you I am addicted to… One is “Black Mirror” ( finished yesterday, waiting for the next season ) and theories… Foucault baba has again entered my life, this time as an educator… I love him for that… He teaches me a lot both as an educator and theorist ( if I can say that ! )… Then through Foucault I am discovering Deleuze and Guattari… Reading Bourdieu for the first time ( loving him ! )… Vivek Chhibber’s new book is also very awesome but more than that he is encouraging me to buy the whole volume of ‘Subaltern Studies’ ( that’s not fair ! )… Apart from all these, other story books… Foucault will tell you that you cannot create a theory without the help of literature… It’s literature which gives birth to every theory…

The problem with me is that I just don’t read a book … I live it ! I don’t have the habit of reading a lot but, whatever I read, it goes inside me like a virus and just spreads, increases and then there is no medicine which can treat it… It gets in my ideas, my thought process, in speeches, lectures, writing … So it’s difficult for me to be detached from a book and read it like a non- living thing… For me it is alive… It has to be everywhere.. Even in my dreams ( like you 😉 )…


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