Classes for (ill)-literates

I know I was out of action for some time. For the time being I am also halting my novella. I know he must be disappointed with me as I promised him that my 28th post would be on his 28th birthday but, then I love JNU more than him. My Alma mater called me and I had to respond.

Coming back to the recent hue and cry going on in India with respect to JNU, I find certain things disturbing. First, people having an opinion about everything; second, having an opinion is a good thing but having it without proper facts and knowledge; third, refusing to listen to the argument and giving emotional arguments in a rational and logical debate and fourth, shutting people through either threatening them or abusing.

Never mind, I believe like freedom of speech, it is also everyone’s Right to behave like a fool! Yes, Yes, It’s a Right not a Fundamental one but for me it’s a Fundamental Right. But, then as an educator it also becomes my duty to educate people. Hence, from now onwards, I will try to educate ‘literate’ people. You must be thinking why do I say ‘literate’ people? Because, It is easy to educate illiterate people as they would listen to you and would argue after understanding your point. However, when it comes to literate people they first, refuse to listen to you and second, without proper facts they keep on arguing.

With every post, I would try to bring in all the aspects of the case (I need not tell you what case I am talking about, as by the time you start reading my post you already would have made up your mind about JNU!). As a person who has lived in JNU for two years and knows in and about JNU, I believe education is very necessary. Not just for illiterates but also for literates so that they can argue in a better way. Education about Nationalism, Media, JNU, Internet, Laws, Judicial System, State etc. everything.

Being a JNU alumni I would like to tell you, JNU does not fight with arms, it fights with ideas!




7 thoughts on “Classes for (ill)-literates

  1. I get your point. Sorry for the duplicate comment, happened by mistake. And yes, your posts are good. I’ll surely keep track 🙂

  2. I have started these posts only to show that how three pillars of democracy and the fourth being media are supposed to work and how they are working in the present scenario. Your comments are always welcome and do keep an eye on the posts. 🙂

  3. ‘Reality’, shown as the ‘truth’ is not something which changes with every channel. Coming to President, he hasn’t said that the event didn’t take place neither did he say that slogans were not shouted. What he said was entirely different. The students who shouted slogans against the nation were not from JNU. In fact, the vocabulary of the slogans was same as in the protests marches of Kashmir which happens in the valley on daily basis. What government has applied is sedition charge, which has never held its ground in court. Whether it was Kedarnathnath Singh Vs State of Bihar or Balwant Singh Vs State of Punjab. Different Governments in Power have this colonial law according to their convenience. Our constitution is a dynamic constitution and every judgement given is on the basis of the earlier judgments. Hence, as such there is no law under which the whole society wants to lynch these students.

  4. I agree, the tendency of media making mountain of molehills. But there are a lot of direct interviews of the President himself. What’s happening is real. And as far as I know, the acts can be called a form of treason. However, I believe it’s some form of political gameplay.

  5. You are right about the media making mountains of molehill, but there are various direct interviews with the President himself. What’s happening is real. And such acts, as far as I know, can be called an act of treason. But, for what I believe, this is some big political gameplay.

  6. I am not implying anything. The only thing I would like to imply is the unconstitutional behaviour of JNU administration, State, Police and media. The mass hysteria and frenzy which has been created is because of the media which has circulated the videos. Without checking the authenticity of the videos, media already has created a case against the students. JNU does not believe in hyper-surveillance and do not have CCTVs. The videos which are being circulated are then from private phones. As we are living in digital media we all know that anything can be manufactured using some softwares. After knowing about all this also, without sending the videos to forensic labs, our biased media has just created this atmosphere where it is impossible to have any kind of rational dialogue with any one. Media is neither a constitution nor judiciary but has already tried them under some creative laws which do not have any place in Indian Constitution.

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