L- 18 Batla House

This is a post I wrote when the present Opposition was in Power, in 2008.

Brave new world

The recent encounter which went at batla house in Delhi raises suspicions about the authenticity of the project. The secluded manner in which the killings took place force us to raise our eyebrows. Police said that two of the alleged millitants ran away, that to, in the presence of 200 police constables. Further, the building from which they ran had only one exit. No body not even media was shown the room in which all the suspected terrorists lived. No body was shown the bodies of the killed alleged millitants.

The most important thing which is making me more sceptic about the whole scenario is the timing of the encounter. Central and State Government, which were being criticized for being soft on terror as well as for the recent spate of terror attacks in the different A1 cities of India, suddenly, seems to have solved each and every piece of…

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