Movie is about to start. Both of them are sitting inside the cinema hall, next to each other. She is nervous and in her nervousness is gulping down coke and chewing endless amount of popcorn. Suddenly, his fingers move towards her naked arm and touch her. She feels a current passing through her body. Astonished and nervous, she doesn’t know which movie they are watching and what exactly is happening. She is trying hard to control herself and hide her urge to look at him. She fails in her attempt and keeps on staring him. He doesn’t know.

He: So, what happened after I undid your strap ?

She : Why do you want to know ?

He : Because you started the conversation and now you need to complete it.

She : Why don’t you undo it and see for yourself ?


Suddenly, He grabs her hand and stands up.

He: Come ! We are leaving.

She : Where ?

He : Don’t you want to know what happens afterwards?

They leave…


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