“Are you sure, you are not gay?” I asked. He turned red, blushed and gave his usual sarcastic smile. With his eyes still digging inside the food plate, he answered , “No !”.  I do not know whether, I should believe him or not. The problem is that most of the handsome men on this planet are gay 😦 I do not have any statistics to prove this but then this is the truth. What if he is gay ? What am I supposed to do then? Would I stop loving him ? Sometimes I feel he is a result of my mad fascination for Foucault who was gay. But, then I love him like crazy. I read him as if he wrote every word for me. For my reading…

To answer my own question. I think, it doesn’t matter what he is. My love for him does not involve any reasoning. I love him because I want to. I love him for my own self. For my own happiness. His loving me is not a precondition.

I will love him whatever may be…


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