“Why are you doing this to me ?”, I asked. “What ? I didn’t do anything. Why do you always get so perturbed ?”, he said. I was so angry with him. Why ? Because I needed attention which he wasn’t giving me. Not basically his attention I wanted. I wanted, I craved for his words.

There are people in your life whom you like for no reason. Love them unconditionally. He was, is one of them. There is no explanation for my attraction. No definition . I just like him. Or may be love him.

The expectation from this love is just conversation….Conversations… To immerse in the wonderful world of words. Words which hide and show emotions at different instances. I have imagined him through his words. What he does, how he sleeps, reads, studies, cooks, all through his words.

I have created a beautiful world for him. The world in which both of us live. World of words… New words are formed and deformed daily. Sometimes he creates words.. Sometimes I do… We are increasing the population of this world by giving birth to new, tiny, big, small words every minute…

He is the father and I, the mother of these words…
And, our love is creating a new language 🙂


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