“No, no not like this ! Take my lower lip first, then upper and then tongue inside your mouth ! Why do you want me to teach you everything kiddo ?”. “Stop smiling, you naughty boy !” , I said. He kept on looking in my eyes as if he wanted to say lot of things but couldn’t dare to. It was becoming difficult to sit so close to him. He had this particular smell of passion which was killing me. His artistic hands with which he kept on adjusting his specks were forcing me to imagine what all can be done with them. My lips were quivering and were urging to do, what was just said. My mouth was drying up fast as if I haven’t had any liquids for months. I needed to distract myself from all this. These words cannot be converted into reality. He is too shy. He will kill me even if I go near him. Such a little girl. But, yes, can sometimes talk dirty without looking at me or by texting.

I distracted myself by ordering a beer. The only solution to all questions is drink. “Do you drink?” “No !”, He replied. Hmmm, very religious. What the hell an atheist is doing with a religious man ? Is it enough that he is a leftist ?, I thought. But, religious ???


Should I tell you a secret ? Would you believe me, if I say his being religious is a big turn on ? His firm faith is too enticing to my senses. Imagine an atheist talking like this !!! But, I would be lying to myself if I say I am not attracted to his beliefs. Not basically, his beliefs, but him through his beliefs.

I finished two pints and still wasn’t drunk. He even asked me whether I would be able to drive. Too proud of my driving I was like yeah! yeah ! I would be. I could have easily said no for two reasons. First, I wasn’t drunk on beer but definitely on him. You can’t even imagine how mesmerised I was of him. Second, if I had not brought my car or would have said, I am drunk, he could have dropped me. I would have sat in his metallic blue coloured car next to him.

I wish ! I wish !


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