An year…

Deadpoetssociety completes an year and I am happy as hell… On this special day Sachin writes and creates history by writing something on time …. 😆😆

Dead Poets Society

Today Dead Poets Society completes one year. One year ago I remmber we met for the first time at Mandi House reading Eliot’s Prufrock and Sylvia Plath’s Daddy. It has been an enlightening journey since then.

We all meet not only for poetry but also for the joys of frindship and learning. We all have moved out of immediate phyical spaces of each other. Different college, Diggerent states…Years will pass and everyone will move away maybe into more different spheres but hopefully love and poetry shall hold us back.
Protest Poetry, Horror, Music, Love, Politics, Gossips…We have shared many a tea cups , discussions and memories.
We hope to continue beyond even us and the group.

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