The Independent Intellectual?

*Must read reply to Prof Paranjape who in a so -called “left-hegemonic” space has taken a questionable-so-called “neutral” stand… puncturing the notions of “hermeneutics” propagated by Prof Paranjape Deba writes … (P.S : Deba and me have been students of Prof Paranjape ) Gorvika Rao

*Could I also urge my blog’s followers to reblog it to create a healthy discourse of debate.

Cafe Dissensus Everyday

By Debaditya Bhattacharya

I too am a student of literature. And for a little less than eight years I happened to be at the same university that Professor Makarand Paranjape, in his teach-in lecture on March 7, termed as a “left hegemonic space”. I am not repulsed by his sweeping statement about the nature of “left dictatorial practices” in JNU, nor by his attempt to equate the many shades of communist political practice in India with a “Stalinist position” – not because they are historically untrue (which they are!), but because they come from a hegemonic consensus about the ‘legitimacy’ of an elected ruling-party. Such hegemonic insistence on electoral ‘legitimacy’ as morally disallowing critique or dissent against those in power exactly runs counter to what Professor Paranjape began with – a need for an alternative hermeneutics of mediality. His call for an acknowledgment of the incompleteness of every ideological…

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