Everyone seeks happiness. This monotonous life is a story of walking the path laid down by society. To move in some rigid, restricted compartments. It’s suffocating. Living without questioning these man-made structures, narratives, history is suffocating. Societal rules, regulations were created long before you were born. A road was already laid for you before you could even see, understand the world. As Rousseau said “Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains” but Rousseau himself was bound by chains. A misogynist. I think I am digressing from what I wanted to say. Seems like you are losing interest as you are anxiously waiting for me to mention you. So here you come (No, not that ! ;))

Everyone seeks happiness. And I seek you. What would you say, if I tell you that you are my happiness. You make my life un-monotonous. I think about you and a smile comes on my face. I know you always think and ponder over the kind of person I am. Why would a girl get mad about you to an extent that it doesn’t matter in what space you live, where you are? May be you have created that girl out of me !

Memory is an interesting thing. After an event, for some hours, memory is a subjective narrative very close to an objective one. As time passes, objectivity of the narration gets lost. A point is reached, where the memory becomes an example of magic realism. You do not know, which one is real, which one is dream, what is fiction , what is fantasy ! The memory I had of you is nothing but magic realism now. I do not know how much is real.

I have deleted what I had of you. You know how I am. The only documented evidence I have of your presence is my writings written for you. It is a precarious situation because now, it can never be proved, we ever met, messaged each other, or even know each other.

Memory translated into magic-real-ism is the only thing left of you…


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