I love you. Hmm. Really ? Do I ? Do I love you or I love the fact that I love you ? What am I in love with ? You or Love ? Romance in one’s life is enough to change the  priorities of living. It’s enough to drag you to a trance when people are going mad around you. Love is rebel. A revolution. That is also the reason we have so many rules and regulations around it. The whole world runs on love. Fights and dies for love. Love is also meditation. It is a lonely act but an act to create an Alice out of you.

Is loving someone enough for love ? No ! Love works with huge and multiple apparatuses. Love needs to be expressed in various forms. Dramatisation is necessary. Emotions need to be exaggerated. Poems, letters, essays, crying, dreaming , fighting, hating, everything needs to be done in hyperbole.

In love, you are an actor. Love is an act. Its a drama. And expression of love, dramatisation of that act. All these are real. All these are truths….


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