I am missing you a lot. Cannot explain why. I know you kept on asking me about my fascination for you when you were here. I couldnt explain anything. Even now I cannot explain anything. It is beyond my own understanding. I think I keep on repeating myself. Writing same thing again and again. No doubt you must be bored of me. Of course you were never interested. I never gave you any reason to be interested.

It’s 12AM. Silence of the night is broken first by barking dogs competing with each other and second by noisy winds trying to move everything which comes in their way.

Sometimes I just sit on my terrace looking at the stars and think how small I am in the large scheme of things. Pondering over life, me, myself and you. I make these ringlets of smoke and try to play with them. Imagine them turning into numerous faces. Most of the time it’s your face.

You know your face is becoming very hazy. I don’t have any pic of yours. Now I cannot even access. What I distinctly remember is your hair and lips. Those curls !!! Uffff !!!

I take a deep sigh whenever I think about of you. You inspire me to write. You make me forget all my worries. With you I feel there is life beyond monotonous materialist living.

It’s not easy to forget you. Tomorrow, I might forget your face but not you. Wish my letters one day bring you back to me. Wish I keep on writing to you till the end of time…


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