Women of Attic

The Education system in India is in a deplorable state. Taking exam-centric approach rather than knowledge-specific. Every year students are promoted from one class to another with high marks without any  knowledge. With these kind of inflated marks showered on them, we have a generation of students with bloated-egos and high attitude. Now, high marks does not mean they have learned, it just proves that their coaching and tuition centers were able to break through the examination system which does not prioritize on analysis. With the introduction of FYUP in Delhi University in 2013, one more process of dumbing down of education system started. I do not like to accuse students of their dumbness, as they are just the products of the system which helps in creating ignorants out of them.

Keeping all these things in my mind, I did a little experiment on them. With no attendance rule, these students most of the time didn’t turn up for the classes. And as I was teaching them “Women’s Writing”,  it became so difficult for me to make them read and learn. These are kids who do not read anything. I asked them to create a blog and whole class to post a Post as an assignment. The Post was supposed to be a theoretical analysis or review of a book. The book mandatory had to be out of the course.

When I flung this idea, the whole class became anti-me. They kept on giving excuses for not doing and saying that they are very uncomfortable with this. Categorically saying that they would like to do a traditional assignment or would like to review a book from their own curriculum. I actually took lot of time to convince them. In the end, they were convinced.

the result is following blog…




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