Today’s thought. A random conversation with a friend and she says, “Why do women always fall for assholes guys ?” And I am like “Yeah ! Right !” … And then a prolong never-ending conversation to bring out and remember more and more examples to prove it . Btw this happened all between a day-long hunger strike and protest. No ! I wasn’t on hunger strike. I was there in solidarity. But, I realised that hunger can actually bring out some weird, philosophical thought out of you.
I know this was a random thought. Random comment. Random conversation. But, it actually got me to think. Why do women always fall in love with all these random, weird, moronic kind of guys ? Is there something wrong with women in general ? Or is it only some category of stupid women who fall for this ?
I think about myself and is left bewildered with all kind of random questions. Why did I fell for this moronic guy who doesn’t respond? Is he different ? Different from whom? Aren’t all guys same ? Morons.
This is again a never-ending polemical debate. You agree. You disagree. But then it is me who writes. It is me who decides.
I decide.
He is a moron.


4 thoughts on “34

  1. These guys are confident and hence they get you and your attention. Good guys are way too logical and thus not as confident. You have many of them around you, look around well next time.

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