She: I want to move!

She doesn’t move…

Moving is very difficult. For me almost next to impossible. Wherever I live, I make it my home. I get attached to the walls, windows, doors, space… I remember once he asked me, “So, you haven’t lived any where else? How boring!”. I wanted to say, I don’t like to move, leaving out memories, just to create new. Like always even this time it was difficult for me to move…


Night view of garden…


Day view…

I am still not settled in…Sometimes I hate this house. No doubt it is a huge house…almost five times our last one… My room almost three times the last one… but then there was privacy… my room was on the terrace, with separate exit/entrance…My own thoughts which I could assimilate and write… I don’t know whether it is the place or still the work going on in the house which is irritating me… I am not able to write anything which is very frustrating…


My old terrace..


My old terrace…

I will take time…lot of time to accept this house…to accept that there will be people living with me on the same floor…It’s not that I don’t love them…I have always loved them…but, then it is difficult to bargain… for me, it is a Faustian bargain… to bargain with my privacy, my own space…when I say space, it is only me and only me…no one is allowed inside…nowadays, I cannot think…not even a month left to complete a paper but, then I cannot think!


New room…


New room…

I miss my room…my room L


My cute old room…




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